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Multifocal Lens

Multifocal lenses are used to see clear vision at all distances. They have a smooth and seamless progression in power from the top to  the bottom of the lenses, making it an all rounder and favored choice for everyday functional use for patients who are 40’s and above. Unlike the bifocal or trifocal, they do not have an obvious line across the lens making it cosmetically more pleasing for both wearer and viewer


Anti-Fatigue Lens

With the dramatic need for digital devices in our daily lives, our eyes fall short to adapt to its visual demand. With digital devices, prolonged near work can lead to symptoms of digital eye strains, a widespread and common complaint amongst young people.

Anti-Fatigue lenses allows a clear distance and a comfortable near zone for a relaxed viewing of digital screens. This helps your eyes to refocus faster with the change in target over different distances.


Office lens

The office lens maximizes comfort for users from 40cm up to 4m. Allowing better posture and natural head position, it is a workstyle solution for those who may have symptoms of headache, neck fatigue, back aches and eye strains from long hours of near work. Its customizable design is suitable for all indoor work performers and largely desired by those who work with small detailing but moves about a lot. 

Bifocal Lens

Bifocal lenses provide correction of vision for both far and near distances. They have a segmentation at the center of the spectacle with a distinct line giving its iconic look. They are great for those who use long hours of near work and have difficulty in their focusing ability. They are also used to treat certain condition in kids with certain conditions such as accommodation problems

Safety Lens

Safety glasses protect the eyes from flying debris and chemical liquids during work. They can be worn over-the-glasses and be fitted with most prescription eyewear, or have built in power on the lens itself. These built in lenses are made of polycarbonate. Unlike the conventional plastic or glass, they are strong and can withstand impact yet still as lightweight as plastics.