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About EYE-Q Optometry Clinic

Our facility

EYE-Q Optometry Clinic has State of the Art Facility to provide a comprehensive eye and vision care by our best ophthalmologist and optometrist. With the latest technology optical instruments, EYE-Q doctors provide a best clinic care in Malaysia.

our eye care

Eye-Q Optometry Clinic is a full service eye and vision care provider and will take both eye emergencies as well as scheduled appointments. Our doctors and staff are dedicated to keeping our patients comfortable and well-informed at all times. At Eye-Q Optometry Clinic, we will explain every exam and procedure and answer all of our patient's questions. Additionally, we offer vision financing options and will work to ensure good eye health and vision care for all of our patients.

Experience and Professionalism

EYE-Q Optometry Clinic specialized in prescribing spectacles and contact lenses (soft, rigid, therapeutic), primary eye care, paediatric and binocular vision care, colour vision and low vision care. We provide vision therapy, full eye health check-up, diabetic retinopathy and glaucoma screening and their management.  Any case which requires a surgery and procedure will be refer to nearby hospital for further treatment.

EYE-Q Optometry Clinic changing lives by safely helping people has better clear vision.

EYE-Q Optometry Clinic offers eye correction procedures such as the correction of Myopia (Shortsightedness), Hyperopia (far sightedness) astigmatism and Presbyopia (Reading vision). We provide both correction methods including spectacle and contact lens.
We also provide screening, consultative services and treatment for the top 3 causes of preventable blindness – Cataract, Glaucoma, and AMD (Age-related Macular Degeneration).
EYE-Q Optometry Clinic invests continuously in ophthalmic equipment with advanced technology that offers minimal discomfort, significantly less side effects and excellent results. With our zero-compromise policy, we believe that anyone who walks into our doors will receive the same world-class service they can find at the best eye centres in Malaysia
We are dedicated to a continuous process of self-improvement in all facets of ophthalmic practice, staff development, and in terms of our business commitments.
The quality of your vision and eye health will be our priority. We work with the most up to date technology, products and specialists to ensure that you can see life!
We are committed to optimizing vision and eye health through excellence in eye care

If it seems that you cannot see well, that your eyes do not look well, or that your eyes do not 'feel well', it's important to book an eye exam.
We can diagnose the underlying cause of your red or sore eyes by using our specialized equipment and can prescribe antibiotics, steroids or artificial tears depending on the diagnosis.